Are you passionate about your local area?

Why not run in this federal election as a House of Representatives Candidate?

We are offering people who are passionate about their local area, the opportunity to get involved and be endorsed by ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY as a candidate for the House of Representatives seat of their choice.

Become an ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY House of Representatives Candidate because:

You want to

  • Help improve government & believe (that notwithstanding your views) that the majority view of your division has the right to be represented in government and you want to carry out the wishes of your electorate.
  • Run on a simple platform that adds to your creditability “I am a representative of ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY whose specific objective is to represent the views of the clear majority in government and I have signed an undertaking with ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY that I will represent the views of the clear majority of THIS division, of THIS division which will not be overridden by party politics, special interest groups or vocal minorities”.
  • Be upfront and part of the ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY movement.


  • As we will endorse you as a candidate, saving you the need to get signed endorsements from 100 people from the division that you wish to represent.
  • As it is our intention to have a Facebook page (or similar social media platforms) for its endorsed candidates to easily be able to share ideas of campaign strategies and where candidates can become quickly & effectively aware of ideas /resources that are available to candidates.
  • With promotion and credibility as your profile will be on the ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY website as our candidate for your nominated House of Representatives Division.
  • With advice available on Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) issues- for example the AEC requires that all advertisements (print/electronic –including websites) MUST have ‘Authorised by ..../Address’ otherwise the offender maybe fined.
  • With media (e.g. Local Newspapers) who may be interested in presenting an article about your Online Direct Democracy campaign to vote in accordance with the majority view of your electorate and not along party lines.


  • You pay the AEC House Representatives candidate fee (currently $1,000) and will need to pay the promotional and advertising that you decide on for your campaign. You keep any Electoral funding that is received in respect of your candidacy. Where a candidate gains 4% of the votes in the electorate contended, they will receive electoral funding, currently $2.62 for each primary vote. 
  • You negotiate all preference arrangements for your House of Representatives division.

Candidates will be selected on a first come first appointed basis for each of 150 House of Representatives divisions, subject to:

  • Being enrolled on the Commonwealth Electoral Roll.
  • Not being disqualified under section 44 of the Constitution (the main disqualification is if you hold an office of  ‘profit under the Crown’ – i.e. basically an employee of State or Commonwealth Government).
  • Signing the ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY undertaking that will bind you to voting in accordance with the majority view of your House of Representatives division.
  • Signing a commitment letter to ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY, detailing what you intend to do for your election campaign. 
  • Paying $1,000 – This $1000 will be held by ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY and be paid to the AEC being the current House of Representatives candidate fee. This will be paid by paid ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY on behalf of the candidate to the AEC about 8 weeks prior to the election. It cannot be paid to the AEC prior to that time. We believe it is highly unlikely the AEC will increase that fee but if the AEC does increase the fee, candidates will need to forward the additional funds to ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY to retain their endorsement.
  • Importantly, start a Facebook campaign (either as an event or FB page) to which you need to get 100 people coming to the event or 100 likes. This will need to have your name, ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY and the House of Representative seat. Alternately if Facebook is ‘not your thing’ we will need to agree on some other awareness campaign that you are happy to run.


In essence, any Senate seats that ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY wins will be ‘offered’ to those that have run as House of Representative candidates.

The Executive of ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY acknowledge that chances of one of our Senate candidates winning a seat will be predominately the result of the effectiveness of our public awareness campaigns, which will be a reflection of the efforts of our party and the House of Reps candidates. Further, if we win a Senate seat (or two) that the most appropriate person(s) for that role is an ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY House of Reps candidate that worked hard and missed out on a House of Reps seat.

During the campaign, our best House of Reps candidates will shine the brightest and should be the main & most appropriate people to take any Senate seat we win.

To this effect, our Senate candidates will all be ‘minder candidates’ and sign (a very robust) undertaking that they will resign if requested to do so by at least 3 ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY House of Reps candidates. The replacement Senator(s) will be selected from ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY House of Reps candidates that did not win a House of Reps seat. On the basis of three selection criteria. First based on the number of primary votes the House of Reps candidate received (as per the AEC website)- weighted 40%. Second, an internal vote of just the House of Reps candidate as to whom would best suit the Senator role - weighted 30%. Thirdly, the recommendation of the ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY Executive – weighted 30%.

Because of the way that ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY runs, the identity of the individual who is seated in the role of Senator will have absolutely no impact on the actions of the Senator.  No matter who is in the chair, they would all carry out the will of the people, whatever that is at the time. Therefore, it is only fair that our hardest workers and best performers get the opportunity to represent the Australian people.