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Meet the Online Direct Democracy Party candidates.

TSOUKALAS, Harry - Barton

Harry Tsoukalas was born in Corfu Greece and in 1983 he decided to follow the family migration to Australia. 

Harry has been backwards and forwards between Australia and Greece throughout his life, usually focused on;
1.    creating businesses based on reusing and recycling
2.    preserving cultural heritage
3.    politics, focused on Direct Democracy methodology and ridding politics of corruption.

In Greece Harry was a successful businessman and a hardened political activist who was steadfast against political corruption, despite significant personal cost.  Furthermore, he was a major player in the push for creating independence for his Island.

In Australia, Harry has lead the charge in saving things such as the Sydney monorail, that was destined for the scrap heap and was the producer and presenter for the television program ‘This is Australia’.

Despite everything that he has seen firsthand in both Greece and Australia, Harry is a believer of real democracy and he trusts the wisdom of the majority and he hopes to bring change to the system as a candidate for Barton with Online Direct Democracy.

For more information on Harry, please click here.

BULLEN, Kris - Fairfax

Kris Bullen is a local who grew up on the sunshine coast and has seen the coast grow from a sleepy farming and surfing community to a bustling tourism and business location.

Like many others, Kris has seen the steady decline in the quality of the federal government and their total lack of vision for the country and respect for it's people.

Drawing on his experience as a workplace health and safety officer, small business owner, retail manager, project officer, legislative compliance officer and Queensland Police officer, Kris has decided to work with an established political party to bring back to Australia, the true essence of democracy.

To this end, Kris will be running for election to the House of Representatives for the 'Online Direct Democracy' party as the candidate for Fairfax.

For more information on Kris, visit his electorate website below.

Web address;

JOUM, LB - Fisher

LB Joum is the author of a philosophical ontology (the study and classification of the aspects of the nature of being) called “Life Being”. Joum continues to write and explore the implications of his philosophy.

Part of Joum's philosophy recognises how systems define the essence of society. Like the rest of the world, Australia's system of democratically electing representatives, and entrusting them to build the society we want to live in, is failing. The Online Direct Democracy Party gives the Australian system of Government the change­ability that it needs to keep our country nimble when negotiating the future in these quickly changing times.

Online Democracy, of one sort or another, will become part of the political mix in Australia and Joum (candidate for Fisher) is working with Kris Bullen (candidate for Fairfax) to make it possible on the Sunshine Coast.

WALKER, Robert - New England

Final - Copy.jpg

Who am I?

I don't mean my name but in any case, it happens to be Robert Walker. I mean who am I ?  After much analysis, I appear to be what we call an old codger. I'm an aged pensioner, 75 years old. My dentures are older than most people I know. I still owe $100,000 on my house mortgage. Every time I see an obituary notice I am older than the deceased so my remaining time needs, to be used in the most constructive way possible. 

I ponder upon our wonderful planet that, from the distance is merely one tiny blue dot in the enormity of the universe. Worthy of no more special mention than the trillions of otherplanets or stars like ours. As the enlightened species in our world, it is our obligation to leave the world and our country Australia, in a better condition for the next generation. Today, it is clear that we have failed but, continue to exploit in, our greed for more. 

Australia was once called the lucky country by other nations. They envied our dynamic and prosperous country as a land of opportunity. Rich in minerals and endless plains. Newly-
weds could buy a home and pay it off within a year as was my experience long ago. Today,this generation of children will never own a home. Instead, they will be eternal renters, likely to foreign investors where billions of dollars will go offshore. 

This scenario has touched me in a way I have not experienced before. My heart grieves but I'm angry at the same time and this my friends is why I am standing as an endorsed candidate at the forthcoming election. The blame for our plight can be laid, squarely at the feet of politicians. For 20 years the major parties have taken turns to manage our country. Every deal they do with overseas countries they come out second best. They have no negotiating skills. We no longer have manufacturing industries they have all gone thanks to our "level playing field" misnomer that they continue to peddle as a great innovation. 

Now these same people want another chance. Their gall is breathtaking. That, after leaving this nation with a $6 trillion debt which equates to a quarter of $1 million ($250,000) for every man woman and child in this country. This debt is five times larger than the American $16 trillion debt on a per person basis. And, the debt is growing at around $1 million every four minutes 24/7. They should be hanging their heads in shame for the damage they have done and as Terry McCrann, the respected newspaper writer says that "unless we address this debt within two years, it will be irreversible" our country will become insolvent. 

I, may not be as eloquent, as my opponents in this competition to gain the public trust but,my motives are selfless and I will travel the New England with my brand of promotion for a seat for the Online Direct Democracy party (ODD party) of which I am the endorsed candidate. I will take no donations from anyone as donations are a form of obligation and should be identified as such instead of turning a blind eye. Perhaps donations from multi-national corporations are why they are only taxed 1% on their turnover which is outrageous.

I look forward to meeting with you during the campaign. Lets “stop the rot.”

DRIESSEN, Andrew - Parramatta

Andrew Driessen has lived all his life in the local area and knows it well..  Fascinated by technology, science and how it can make our lives better and more enjoyable, Andrew completed a Bachelor of Science in Games Development in 2013. He plans to start his own games studio in the near future.

While online communication and social media has made a huge impact, this hasn’t been the case with our participation in government.  The method of representative democracy or letting elected officials decide what is best for us has remained the same for the past two hundred years.   Just as society can be improved by technology, so too can  our say in how Australia and the world is governed.

With the emergence of the internet, social networking and user driven media, for the first time it's possible to take the next step in governing ourselves and establish a 'direct' democracy where all citizens can participate in the political process."

Andrew is excited to be actively contributing to the next stage of evolving democracy, using technology,  towards a more inclusive and fairer society, where everyone gets to have their say. Andrew will be representing Online Direct Democracy in the seat of Parramatta.

AYTON, John - Parkes

The red head from the bush, with a fire for true democracy and accurate, direct representation of the people.

John is from a small country town in the Centre of NSW and has lived most of his life in and around rural and regional NSW and Victoria. Living in these locations has afforded him with a passion and understanding for people on the land and the plight of the modern country person.

John has a background in IT, Music, Film, Online Media & Marketing, Journalism and is a passionate supporter of many grass roots based community groups and sustainable startups. 

Having spent the last few years volunteering his expertise to his home towns small Welfare Council, developing and building an on-line presence, John has also been focused on studying Communications and Counter Terrorism through Swinburne university, being a father, husband to be, plus authoring his 2nd book on History and Politics, running his own media company and finally being a pub cook on the side to make ends meet in tough times.

His passion for politics stems from two beliefs

  1. A belief in the people and 
  2. A belief that there’s been a systemic failure of the current governing method for almost two decades, if not longer.

"I see this scenario as a perfect storm which is going to bring about revolution in Australian government. We can do the peoples bidding by taking a true consensus to the House and finally bring some democratic process back to Australian democracy. True democracy has essentially been a pipe dream up until now."

"I believe the name ‘politician’ has become a name for a profession rather than a representative partnership with the people. The PollyWeb and the ODD Philosophy create an interactive direct democracy, it's new, it's exciting, our attitude and presentation should reflect this."

The move toward becoming an ODD candidate has been a long and thought out process. Having been a follower of the SOL movement from close to its inception, John has remained in the background until recently and is the driving force behind the PollyWeb, the working prototype of the system that ODD representatives will use once elected into the House of Representatives.

"We now have all the tools in place, the people of the ODD team are unified, with a single goal in mind. Empower the people, and bring direct democracy to Australia."

Vote 1 Online Direct Democracy! 

CHAMBERS, Andrew - Perth

My name is Andrew Dave Chambers, I’m a candidate for the House of Representatives in the electorate of Perth and I want just one thing of you - Vote for Yourself.

I have been working on the evolution of our system of government toward a fully functioning democracy since 1985. We have finally arrived at the destination where, you and I, as electors within the Commonwealth of Australia, can ask for the return of our loaned franchise so that we can vote on every issue that concerns us.

This is a fundamentally important and very necessary shift in the balance of power in an age where political patronage has bought our government and turned it into a regional branch office for corporate interests.

Who I am or what I’ve done is really of no significance with this platform. I stand as a representative for the wishes of my electorate as expressed through the majority decision on every issue that comes before parliament. I have strong personal opinions and beliefs on many of the issues I will be asked to represent on and I will engage fully in my right and responsibility to express them, but in the end, I will have the same one vote as you on that issue.

That’s a crucial change – no longer does one party and its leadership team have that power, and that is a very important and great thing to achieve if we truly want to create a better world for our children.

For those who need biographical details:
•    53 years old
•    Once married, divorced, two children.
•    Employed as a Logistics and Operations Manager for a PA & amplifier production company in the WA Event industry – have been freelance all my life doing lighting, sound and production management.
•    Have been drunk, have smoked cigarettes and marijuana and at some point in my life ingested just about any and every drug that is available. I have also lost my two best friends to Heroin.
•    I espouse no religion but respect the rights of others to engage in their faith (so long as they do no harm to others)
•    Due to the flaky economic stability of my employment I have no tangible assets, no mortgage.
•    Education – got through year 12 (just, misguided teen rebellion), spent some months at WAIT studying for an English BA, ended up postponing that to join a band. Did that until I discovered that, post punk, you needed to actually play the instrument to continue to enjoy the benefits of the lifestyle. Left keyboard and decided to try sound engineering, that was a mistake, went to Sound and Lighting Course with Perth Technical College (pre WAAPA) survived one year of that before starting a joyous period of lighting at the Red Parrot Nightclub. From there it was The Equator. Off to Britain, 4.5years of an education in poverty then back to Perth to work at the Berlin Nightclub, The Ozone Bar and many others in an ongoing engagement with the freelance life.
•    Job Experiences: Technical Manager at Perth International Arts Festival, Production Manager for West Australian Symphony Orchestra, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, Barking Gecko. Many concerts and events – too many to list.

TZORAS, Tula - Sydney

Tula Tzoras is a BA Graduate of Monash University, with a double major in English Literature and Politics and a minor in Economic History. She has spent her adult life gaining a multi dimensional experience as an Actor, filmmaker, a Senior HR Consultant in various Government Agencies and an avid mindset student.

Overcoming major obstacles and going from rags to riches and back again, Tula has the ability to connect with people from all walks of life and sees everyone as being equal. Tula has become a candidate for the Federal Election on the basis that Online Direct Democracy aligns with her values to Empower People.

She is the Author of Books and Published Articles as well as a Speaker, with her signature speech being “Obstacles to Inspiration”.

Tula has been working on empowering people for over a decade, beginning with a global project dedicated to the UNMP and reincarnating to The Crazy Crusaders on Facebook, sharing sustainable, community driven, solutions for our future.

Tula is very community focused, volunteering at The John Nortchcott Community Centre, donating her poetry and spoken word to Village Voices, a city of Sydney initiative to bring life to Surry Hills by creating a permanent artwork, submitting a pitch to TedX Sydney on raising Heroes not Vitctims etc.

Online she aslo runs a Facebook Group called “How Can I help”.

One of Tula’s most rewarding memories is travelling to Bathurst with the iModel Program and facilitating a two-day workshop to improve self-esteem for indigenous teenagers.

Tula would love nothing more than to help people gain the power we deserve.

Her motto is “Unleash Your Full Expression”.


GERANTONIS, Paul - Watson

I'm a 52 Married Father of 3 adult children and 6 Grandchildren.

The last 21 years, I have worked with the NSW Police (Jan 1995 & Sept 2002) as a Public Servant, at the ‘Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit’ and the ‘Police Dog Squad” after being deployed to work at the Sydney 2000 Olympics & Paralympics, after this I spent 12 months at the Eastwood Lac.

From October 2002 for 12 months I worked for the Australian Federal Police as a trainee Federal Agent, spending most of the time in Canberra.

From 2004 I have been self-employed, mainly working as a Private Enquiry agent & Consultant to various Security Companies.

One of the reasons I have decided to run for the Parliament is that I am passionate about my country and it seems very few Politicians share this passion. 

The main portfolios and policies I want Australia to move forward with and/or increase funding to, are;

  • Healthcare and Hospitals
  • Medicare – restore Medicare to its original self and not cut funding
  • Private school funding – Public schools should be getting over 75% of the share of funding allocated to education.
  • Tax foreign Organisations/Corporations
  • Police – increase funding for extra Police where required including to keep combatting terror propagation
  • Fuel taxes and excise – how much of this is actually going back into roads?
  • Why do Politicians get payments for “life” after Politics? There should be a scale depending on length of service.
  • The building of Australia’s defence force Submarines, why are we outsourcing this very important contract? We are potentially letting a future enemy build something so important.

These are but a few issues that many Australians feel passionate about and the only way we can fight the big two Parties in order to progress these is by joining with Online Direct Democracy.

I hope you too share my passion, by doing the right thing on Election Day


NSW Senate


Like many Australians Berge is concerned that the majority view is often sidelined by a vocal minority, lobby groups or political deal doing.  He often found it was also difficult to get accurate information on various issues.

Berge founded the party on a simple concept - to have the internet enable better communication between voters & politicians.  He hopes Online Direct Democracy can make our government more progressive.

This isn't the first time Berge has attempted taking on the system, learn how he got investigated by ASIC for attempting to exploit a loophole in the Telstra shares sale, 16-years Ago and what he learnt from the mistake

NT Senate


Tristan Marshall was born in 1978 and grew up along the coast of South Australia. After completing schooling in Adelaide, he moved on to study in the UK, which led to a passion for photography and the arts. Having worked in many different industries both here and overseas, he settled into a satisfying and fulfilling career in tourism. He has spent the last 10 years in Darwin exploring the remote and unique beauty of the NT.

Despite not having worked in the political arena before, Tristan has been following the gradual demise of this country's government for the last 10 years. The growing class divide and the loss of our nation's sovereignty through corporate corruption is obvious.

With growing concern and frustration over the shift in power from the people to the elite, Tristan finally found a real and practical solution in the form of the Online Direct Democracy Party's online voting platform. Seeing this as a way of making a real difference for once, he registered as a party member and as soon as the senate seat became available he jumped up to fill the position.

Tristan is extremely passionate about the party goals, which are of course, to put the power back into the hands of the Australian people. With the current representative system, we elect a party we hope will work in our best interests, only to watch as they ignore the people's concerns and proceed to serve themselves. Politicians are here to serve you, the people, not to rule over you.

Tristan vows to work hard on behalf of all Territorians to ensure a bright future, where our political system is inclusive of all. Where everyone, should they wish to, are able to actively participate in the law/decision making process.

QLD Senate

1. RADIC, Peter


Pete resides in Sydney and is a medical scientist with professional interests in the biological variation of satiety. 

His passion for Online Direct Democracy is born from the need for better governance, with a greater input from the public!  He believes that it’s all well and good to be passionate about certain political subjects however, until one is involved in the process and one has an active voice… one is just being led blindly. 

Speak up and make your voice heard!