The Online Direct Democracy Party encourage thoughtful conversation on all topics however, there are a couple of common courtesies that we would like everyone to abide by in order to promote healthy conversation and we will try and detail these here for assistance with future posts;

THE RULES FOR FACEBOOK POSTS  (As stated on the FB page)


We value intelligent discussions and opinions. Any comments that are of a derogatory or hateful nature or that could be seen as inciting violence or prejudice will be removed.

We are determined to help further the understanding of issues and challenges, we don't support abuse, oppression or violence. However, we certainly encourage activism.


Further explanation

As long as what's said is civil and the average person wouldn't be intimidated by it and therefore discouraged from rebutting your point because of how it is said, that is fine. We encourage discussion, not school yard name calling, intimidation and harassment (we already see enough of that in parliament).



Our belief in promoting and providing a forum for healthy conversation is shown by many peoples dubious comments not being removed but instead, receiving this link to help guide their future posts.  If your comment is not civil, insightful nor in the interest of provoking healthy reflection or conversation and you are found to breach these rules frequently, we will unfortunately be forced to delete your posts and block you from the site.

Any breaches that are deemed significant enough will be instantly removed and considerations made to blocking the poster.


We hope this helps you in your future interaction with our FB site.


Kind regards

The Online Direct Democracy Party Team