Some parties give control to multinational businesses.
Some parties give control to lobby groups.
Some parties give control to organisations.
Some new parties even intend to let you save, trade, buy and sell votes online.


We give control to the voter.
One vote per person, per issue. 
No saving, swapping, buying or selling votes.
No party politics, no favours to donors, no MP influence.
No exceptions.

If You Support it - We Support it!

Online Direct Democracy (Formally Senator Online) Members of Parliament (Senators & House of Representatives) vote in accordance with the clear majority public vote (YOU) when making laws. Everyone on the AEC Electoral Roll will be able to vote on any — or every — new law, or changes to existing laws in Australia, for free. Our party has passed registration requirements for the AEC and contested the 2016 Federal Election.

Democracy through technology - using the internet we can return to a system that reflects your true positions on important issues. Taking back power from politicians, special interest and lobby groups and putting it back where it belongs: In your hands — Now We Can!

Invest in the voice of Australia

Invest in the voice of Australia


If there was an Election Today, who would you vote for?



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