Some parties give control to multinational businesses.
Some parties give control to lobby groups.
Some parties give control to organisations.
Some new parties even intend to let you save, trade, buy and sell votes online.


We give control to the voter.
One vote per person, per issue. 
No saving, swapping, buying or selling votes.
No party politics, no favours to donors, no MP influence.
No exceptions.

If You Support it - We Support it!

ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY (Formally Senator Online) Members of Parliament (Senators & House of Representatives) vote in accordance with the clear majority public vote (YOU) when making laws. Everyone on the AEC Electoral Roll will be able to vote on any — or every — new law, or changes to existing laws in Australia, for free. Our party has passed registration requirements for the AEC and contested the 2016 Federal Election.

DEMOCRACY THROUGH TECHNOLOGY - using the internet we can return to a system that reflects your true positions on important issues. Taking back power from politicians, special interest and lobby groups and putting it back where it belongs: In your hands — Now We Can!

Invest in the voice of Australia

Invest in the voice of Australia


If there was an Election Today, who would you vote for?



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20/7/2016 - Election wrap up

Online Direct Democracy - Empowering the People! Nationally received 11,133 votes or 0.09% with the highest vote achieved in the state of QLD with 0.23% of the total votes going to the party.

Although this may seem like a pretty low number of votes on the surface, we have spoken to many other micro parties who had a much bigger budget and a much bigger team and still ended up with less votes, so the idea is definitely catching.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved, from the candidate, the volunteers and especially to the thousands of Australians who believe enough in themselves to vote for us. 

Once we have had a bit of a rest from the hectic federal election campaign, we will be straight back into it and hope that everyone will join us on the ride.

Kind regards

The Online Direct Democracy Party Team :)

11/5/2016 - $30,000 in 30 days crowdfunding campaign (Campaign now finished :) )

That's right, we've finally launched the campaign to help us out in the lead up to the election.  Elections aren't cheap so we need the people who we represent to help us with the ODD dollar or two (pun intended)

Click on the link and have a look at what you get for your cash (apart from an awesome party...political party that is).

4/4/2016 - Two new Candidates

Andrew Driessen - Electorate of Parramatta

John Ayton - Electorate of Parkes

(It's about time :) )


10/3/2016 - Press Release - PollyWeb

Online Direct Democracy Party have created a powerful tool that will enable Australians to gain valuable insight into the important decisions that we face as a nation. A nonpartisan tool that is designed to not only inform but also allow voters to directly influence policy. All in one place, accessible, unbiased, thorough and live.

28/2/2016Press Release - An ODD Alliance

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25/01/2016 - In the news

Our Candidate for Fairfax, Kris Bullen had a chat with Jon Coghill from the ABC this week.  Click on the link to have a look at the article.

Click here to read the article.

18/01/2016 - Limited time offer


We are overwhelmed by the response to our request for members and the positive feedback that we are receiving. We now only have 900 free foundation memberships remaining. The membership signup rate is increasing dramatically week by week so get in while you can and save!

Foundation Membership is open and FREE for a limited time only.

Become a Foundation Member and you will NEVER have to pay membership fees for Online Direct Democracy as well as still enjoying all of the normal benefits of being a member.

Click here for more details

29/11/2015 - Online Direct Democracy out and about

Some of our members went for a stroll today at the Sydney Climate March.  Many people were keen to learn more about how our party offers to Empower the People.

3/11/2015 - Online Direct Democracy Poll

30/10/2015 - 'Tis the season...for On line Direct Democracy to get out and about.

We are hitting the streets with letterbox drops and meet and greets across the country.  

It has started in Queensland with Kris Bullen, our candidate for Fairfax rubbing shoulders with patrons attending the Russell Brand Trew World Order tour in Brisbane, followed the next day by a letter box drop in his local electorate.  

Keep your eyes out for our pamphlet in your mailbox.  Once you have finished reading the pamphlet, please feel free to take it to work and put it on the lunch table for us :)  we need to get the word out that there is another way.

8/10/2015 - We're looking for Candidates

23/9/2015 - Limited time offer

'Foundation Memberships' open and FREE for a limited time only.  

Become a Foundation Member and you will never have to pay membership fees for Online Direct Democracy as well as still enjoying all of the normal benefits of being a member.

Click here for more details

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