Stage 1. 

(Approximately 9 Months after being elected)
Post election Website and App for you to vote directly on any or all Bills in Parliament. 

Stage 2. 

(Approximately 15 months after being elected )
Public to collaboratively develop and vote on Bills for submission to Parliament. 

Stage 3. 

(After at least 2 terms)
Additional voting options added for you to vote on ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY party leadership and candidates.

The Online Direct Democracy Website and app will be the heart of Online Direct Democracy. Online Direct Democracy Members of Parliament and Senators will also have individual websites.


ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY Website and App security will be paramount. 

•    Accurate and balanced information on Bills and issues;
•    Guidance on queries the public have about the process of Bills;
•    MP's and Senator's own opinions on Bills and issues; and
•    Expert advice on Bills and issues

More detail:
Access to accurate information and balanced argument
A drop-down list showing:
•    All Bills before Parliament; and
•    Important issues facing our community.

After selecting a Bill or issue, the user may choose from a drop-down list offering:
•    A summary of the Bill or issue;
•    The unabridged version of the Bill;
•    The pros and cons of each bill or issue;
•    Expert opinion and  MPs' and Senators' opinions; and
•    Access to the ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY Forum where poll members can comment and read other poll member's comments.

ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY poll member registration

Everyone on Australia's Commonwealth Electoral Roll who has access to the internet will be able to register online as a poll member.
All poll members will then be able to vote, suggest an issue and have access to the Forum.
Registration will be free. 

ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY will ensure that each person on Australia's Commonwealth Electoral Roll has only one vote.

The poll member registration process will check the person’s full name, address and date of birth against Australia's Commonwealth Electoral Roll. Additionally we will use verification procedures to safeguard against fraudulent registrations (see FAQ #21). On satisfactory verification, that person will receive a user ID and password which the user will confirm online to activate their membership. The process will reduce people signing on as others and to ensure that each person on Australia's Commonwealth Electoral Roll has only one poll membership and therefore only one vote on each Bill or issue.

We will contact you for the issues that interest you.
At registration time poll members will be asked which Bills or issues they would like to be notified about by email. A poll member may receive notice on every Bill before Parliament and all issues on the website or just those that affect that member.

Expert opinions
For each pertinent Bill and issue presented on the site, the user will be able to read expert opinions about relevant points. To ensure the validity of an expert’s credentials authenticity will be verified before any comment is available for consideration. Each expert's validated credentials will be posted.


Poll members will be able to log a comment and endorse up to three other comments on each Bill and current issue.
The user will be able to list all comments either by the most recently listed or the highest number of endorsements.

Important Issues
Poll members will be able to suggest an issue to be included as a current important issue. Issues receiving 10,000 or more endorsements will be included as current important issues.
Issues will only be included if they are considered to be balanced.

Once Registered
Once a poll member signs on to the site, they will see the Bills and issues on which they have voted or can vote on now.
This page allows a poll member to:
•    Vote on a Bill or issue;
•    Change their vote on any current Bill or issue;
•    Review and alter the Bills or issues they asked to be notified about;
•    Suggest an issue;
•    Endorse another poll member’s suggested issue;
•    Join the Forum; and
•    Endorse comments from the Forum.

The voting page
There will be a drop-down list of current Bills and issues. Poll members will be able to vote or change their vote on each Bill or issue.
The real-time status of the vote tally for all Bills and issues, current and archived, will be available in the following formats: by total, state or territory, postcode, gender, and age.