Berge Der Sarkissian    Founder

Berge Der Sarkissian



Like many Australians Berge is concerned that the majority view is often sidelined by a vocal minority, lobby groups or political deal doing.  He often found it was also difficult to get accurate information on various issues.

Berge founded the party on a simple concept - to have the internet enable better communication between voters & politicians.  He hopes Online Direct Democracy can make our government more progressive.

This isn't the first time Berge has attempted taking on the system, learn how he got investigated by ASIC for attempting to exploit a loophole in the Telstra shares sale, 16-years Ago and what he learnt from the mistake; Read More

Francois Crespel    Party Leader, social media & short video clip production

Francois Crespel

Party Leader, social media & short video clip production


I am a fervent believer in a more direct democratic system.  I believe that democracy, without the constant active scrutiny by those who decide to live under it, is unlikely to fulfill its promises.  I believe in "Fiscal Democracy" - so that those who offer themselves as our representatives are held accountable according to the public's wishes on how the public's taxes are spent.

I hope that Australia will be the first country to lead with courage and leadership on an enhanced modern model of Democracy and that the people should not have to wait three years to remove incompetent and unwilling politicians who in the main have lost touch with wider society.  

The Age of e-Democracy has come and it is only a question of time before it arises around the world.  The tools are here, the timing is right.  I wish to see Australia become the first country to use e-Democracy in its parliament as it was the first country to give women the right to vote and to be elected.  Francois is a member of the EC (Executive Committee) & the CSD (Core Staff  & Delegates) Team.

John Ayton   IT Manager

John Ayton

IT Manager


John, from central NSW, is a passionate supporter and advocate of the Online Direct Democracy concept. 

Exploring the wealth of future possibilities with research and development into the first Public prototype of the ODD online voting platform.

John, who is drawing from years of prior knowledge in the IT industry, has developed and evolved the concept, from theoretical idea to BETA working prototype, with the current version called "PollyWeb".

His passion for the pursuit of pure democracy will also see him standing as Candidate for Parkes in the upcoming election.

Kris Bullen     Strategy

Kris Bullen



Kris Bullen is a Queenslander through and through, a long term sunshine coast local who is currently a legislative compliance manager for a National Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Like many others, Kris has observed the steady decline in the quality of federal politics.  There is an element of maturity that is missing from the arena that needs to be addressed.

Drawing on his experience as a workplace health and safety officer, small business owner, retail manager, project officer, legislative compliance officer and Queensland Police officer, Kris has decided to work with an established political party to bring back to Australia, the true essence of democracy.

To this end, Kris will be running for election to the House of Representatives for the 'Online Direct Democracy' party as the candidate for Fairfax. 

Pete Radic   Volunteer

Pete Radic



Pete resides in Sydney and is a medical scientist with professional interests in the biological variation of satiety. 

His passion for Online Direct Democracy is born from the need for better governance, with a greater input from the public!  He believes that it’s all well and good to be passionate about certain political subjects however, until one is involved in the process and one has an active voice… one is just being led blindly. 

Speak up and make your voice heard!

L.B. Joum    Volunteer

L.B. Joum



Joum is a dedicated and passionate advocate for Online Direct Democracy and is looking forward to the challenge of offering the Australian community the advantages of a direct democracy.

Self employed in electrics and electronics, Joum currently specialises in crane-control electrics and computer systems.  He is a published author of a philosophical ontology (the study of the nature of being) and has invented and then lived in a transportable home for ten years.  He has also been involved in a range of volunteer activities, including being Head of Amenities at the Woodford Folk Festival for the last thirteen years, coordinating the departments' seventy volunteers for the 6 day event.